What You Really Need in Your Hospital Bag

What You Really Need in Your Hospital Bag

Hi! I’m officially a  MOM OF 2 BOYS!! I will be sharing more about my birth story, but for now please meet my little love Xander Leo.  The second time I scaled way down on what I brought to the hospital. I truly used everything and didn’t feel overwhelmed by bags and stuff!!

Here’s what’s in my hospital bag for labor, delivery and recovery in the hospital:

1. Disposable Underwear

2. Cute newborn onesie

3. Nursing bras

4. Nursing pads

5. Nipple cream

6. Ambiance kit with essential oils  and LED lights

7. Face wash

8. Makeup bag

9. Hair elastic

10. Lip balm

11. Sticky socks

12. All of your chargers

13. Hairbrush

14. Your toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste and so on)

15. Washcloths and towels (hospital ones are thin and rough)

16. Diaper bag you love

17. Maternity clothes/going home outfit

18. Nursing nightgowns

19. Comfortable robe

20. Breastfeeding pillow

And here is a video where I break everything down into much more detail:

I hope this helps!! Next I will be sharing my labor and delivery video.  

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Good luck and God bless!

XOXO – Stuart

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