Postpartum Must-haves for a Breezy Recovery

Postpartum Must-haves for a Breezy Recovery

It takes your body nine months to grow a baby, so it only makes sense that your body would need more than a couple of days to snap back. When I was trading swollen feet for…other swollen things…I started to realize that my recovery would go a lot more smoothly with the right tools. That’s why I put together this list of my postpartum must-haves to ease your postpartum recovery period. No mama should have to go through that alone! With the right products for your postpartum needs, you can say goodbye to soreness and hello to quality bonding time with your new bundle of joy!

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“Down There” Tear Repair

BabyIt Perineal Massage & Postpartum Comfort Gel is safer than other types of oils and gels which can irritate your delicate healing skin. Even if you have not experienced an episiotomy or tearing, perineal massage can shorten your recovery. It can even be beneficial leading up to your due date to decrease your chance of trauma to the perineal area during childbirth!

Reliable Pads for Your Recovery Flow

Your post-birth flow should be monitored carefully to avoid infections. If you feel you might be susceptible to an infection, Genial Day Eco-Certified Pads are a great preventative measure. They offer the best odor control without additional fragrances that could introduce toxic chemicals into a very delicate area. They’re absorbent and breathable, with four wings to stabilize and prevent leakage. 

Panties Designed to Work With Your Recovery Pads

Pair your Genial Day pads with Genial Day EiVi Panties for top-shelf comfort and breathability that will keep you feeling clean during your recovery flow. These panties have a secret weapon: their double gusset design keeps your pad wings discreetly tucked away. Organic cotton, elastane, and silverplus with toxin-free dyes make these safe and comfortable to wear throughout your recovery period!

Soothing Nipple Balm 

Breastfeeding is a precious period of bonding between mother and baby, but it certainly does come with challenges. Soreness, cracking, and dryness can steal the joy from some of the sweetest moments with your new baby. Milkies Nipple Nurture Balm not only soothes and heals, but it protects against new cracking. It’s safe for baby, so you can use it after each feeding without fear for your little one’s health. 

The Perfect Beverage System 

Nursing mamas NEED to stay hydrated, and the MultiFlask from Precidio Designs is the easiest and most environmentally friendly way to do that. With the 7-in-1 Travel Beverage System, you get seven different drink bottles in one easy-to-use system, clearing up precious cabinet space! Whether your drink is tea, coffee, fruit infusions, smoothies, or just plain water, the MultiFlask makes it super easy to get the hydration you desperately need as a newly minted mama. It even functions as a cold brew coffee maker! Every surface your mouth touches is covered by the lid, so no worries about tossing it into your diaper bag (or your gym bag, when you’re ready! The sport drink mode offers a soft spout that will protect your teeth when you drink during a workout.) 

Postnatal Vitamin Booster

Don’t ditch the vitamins just because your pregnancy is over! You still need extra nutrients as you recover, especially if you are breastfeeding. The right vitamin is indispensable for promoting a healthy, nutritious supply. Rainbow Light Vibrance Postnatal Vitamins contain organic fenugreek, a favorite supplement of nursing moms who want to increase their supply, so it definitely fits the bill! It also contains choline and lutein in customized potencies that promote your baby’s brain and eye development. I love this formula because it is easy on the stomach, making it an easy choice over other brands which can upset your already vulnerable tummy during recovery. 

Super-Supportive Compression for Your Tender Midsection

It’s okay if you don’t recognize your body right away after having a baby. You’ve been through a lot! The Belly Bamboo Charcoal Belly Wrap by Shrinkx will help you heal faster by reducing swelling and encouraging increased metabolism to give you a head start to bouncing back! C-section mamas, this will give you some amazing support right where you need it. Adjustable, antibacterial, and available in multiple sizes, this wrap wicks moisture away to keep you feeling clean and comfortable.

If you prefer not to add another layer to your recovery ensemble, these incredibly comfortable high-waist panties are a great alternative to a wrap. Just like the Belly Bamboo wrap, these panties fuse traditional belly wrapping with custom bamboo charcoal fibers. Time-honored compression therapy works hand-in-hand with new technology to increase your circulation and slim down your baby belly even faster! My favorite part? They’re machine washable! Who has time to hand wash anything with a newborn baby?

Hospital Undies That Aren’t Made of Mesh

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, those mesh panties and giant pads from the hospital are the most common way to control the initial post-birth flow. New moms tend to develop a love-hate relationship between the relative comfort they offer and the awkwardness of them, not to mention the constantly shifting mega-pads that can make you feel very self-conscious when you’re expecting an onslaught of well-wishers! Always Discreet Postpartum Underwear offers a little more security against shifting and leaks during those first heavy days of flow, and you feel a lot more like yourself when you’re wearing something that looks and feels a little more like actual underwear. 

Cooling Relief for Your Most Sensitive Areas

We may not like to talk about them but many women experience them during the recovery period: the dreaded hemorrhoids. It’s perfectly natural, especially for women who experience an extended pushing phase during labor. Many of these women have difficulty finding relief because they’re too embarrassed to ask for it! Enter Tucks Medicated Cooling Pads. They contain soothing witch hazel for instant relief, and this version of them is even flushable! The first day or two after birth I would recommend placing a fresh one of these wipes on top of your pad or postpartum underwear each time you change it. In the days following, you may find it enough to simply use one wipe each time you visit the restroom. 

I also have a video with even more postpartum must-haves!

Recovery from childbirth can be a confusing and vulnerable time without the right tools to aid the healing process. Be prepared with these recovery necessities to get the most out of your first few special weeks with the newest member of your family! Be sure to leave your favorite postpartum must-haves in the comments!

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