Say it with Santa: Send a Video Message from Santa

Say it with Santa: Send a Video Message from Santa

Do you love Santa too? Then STOP SCROLLING! Even with the current challenges caused by COVID-19, Christmas is not canceled in 2020, I believe we are all getting in the Christmas spirit sooner and bigger than ever! And now thanks to Visit Finland’s newest holiday campaign, Say it with Santa, you get the chance to send personal greetings for family and friends and let Santa be your messenger.

Say it with Santa

I had the pleasure of meeting @OurFinland‘s amazing Santa Claus exactly a year ago, and let me tell you that he is THE REAL DEAL!  Watch this video yourself to see what I mean:

Here are the important details:

Write down what you would like to say and to whom, and Santa will read it for you on a video. The videos will be published on Visit Finland’s YouTube channel the second week of December. The application process is open now through Nov. 29th. You will also have a chance to meet Santa live on Visit Finland’s social media channels on December 11 AND you can also apply for a PRIVATE one-to-one session with Santa Claus. Visit to learn more about the Say it with Santa campaign and send Santa your message.


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I personally cannot wait to get back to Finland and explore more. I created a full travel guide to Lapland, Finland that you can watch here:

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