September Beauty Roundup! New Goodies I’m Excited About this Month

September Beauty Roundup! New Goodies I’m Excited About this Month

Hi guys! Can you believe we’re past the first week of September already? It’s hard to believe how fast this crazy year is flying by. But with a whole new month on the horizon, I wanted to share with you guys some of the new beauty products I’m getting really excited about lately. After all, what better time to try out some new goodies than a new season?

The Comfiest Shoe Shapers

If you guys know me, you know I practically live in heels. Even during my pregnancy, I can’t get enough of my favorite shoes! That’s why I was so grateful to discover Formé Comfort shoe shapers. These amazing inserts are designed to actually stretch out the toe of your high heels to make them more comfortable to wear. Sometimes if your shoes are just a bit too tight, you’ll find they get wrinkled and gappy while you’re wearing them. Formé helps to completely fix that. It’s literally like every pair of shoes you own feel like they’re custom made for you.

The Best Makeup Brushes

I’m always on the hunt for fresh makeup brushes. I think they’re the kind of thing you simply can’t have too many of! But after discovering Luxie’s assortment of sleek rose gold brushes, I may have found my holy grail. First of all, can we talk about how beautiful they are? The pink color looks so pretty displayed out on your vanity or pulling out of your cosmetics bag. But its the bristles that really sold me. They are so fluffy and blend everything from foundation to eyeshadow like an absolute dream.

A Time-Saving Styler

You’d think with all this working from home my mornings would be running a little more smoothly. But sometimes I’m still finding myself scrambling to get ready! Tru Beauty’s Titanium Rotating Hot Air Brush is a real lifesaver for a hectic morning. It cuts your hair drying and styling time in half. Can you imagine getting the perfect salon-style blowout in just one quick step every morning? It’s not a dream, it’s totally reality!

Skincare at Home

I think all of us are a little more interested in the kinds of beauty treatments you can recreate at home lately, which is why I’m so glad I finally got to try DERMAFLASH’s Luxe exfoliating device. It’s a completely pain-free treatment to help smooth and plump up your skin right in your own bathroom. In just a few uses, you’ll notice skin that’s more radiant and youthful than ever. Plus it’s great for even sensitive skin! I can’t believe how effective this little guy is.

Speaking of bringing the spa home, I recently had the opportunity to have a virtual consultation with one of Glowskin Beauty’s aestheticians. Even though we were chatting via webcam, we were able to talk through some of my skincare concerns and goals. They were able to come up with a custom regiment just for me! Isn’t it amazing what technology is capable of these days?

The brand’s Eye Restore is in my new routine and I absolutely love it. Not only does it help protect against dark circles and bags, it depuffs really tired eyes too. I love the Moisturizing Tint for a nice wash of even color everyday and the SPF30 definitely helps. The Pro5 Liquid Exfoliant is absolutely amazing for handling dry, dull skin.

Fun Stuff for Kids

I’m always on the hunt for hair and styling products for my toddler, definitely even more so now that I’m expecting. Rock the Locks is one of my new favorite finds, and my little one loves it too! Each of the brand’s bath and haircare products are made with essential oils and no harmful and skin-drying ingredients. In our house the Funky Fruit detangler and orange-scented Curl Booster are big bathtime hits.

What are some new finds you discovered this month? Let me know in the comments!

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