My New Beauty Obsession: BB Oil

My New Beauty Obsession: BB Oil

By now you’ve surely heard of BB Cream and you are probably even familiar with CC Cream! Now it’s time to meet BB Oil, my new beauty obsession!

A couple of weeks ago I started using BB Oil by UltraLuxe and instantly fell in love!  This first-ever facial bb oil delivers a new level of cellular healing and deep repair by speeding up the skin’s healing process with its potent ingredients, six unique oils, antioxidant properties and aromatherapy to address multiple skin concerns. I’m a huge fan of products that can treat multiple symptoms, so this obviously met my beauty approval!  I love to even mix this with my foundation for a more sheer, natural look!

Here are some of the reasons this is my new go to beauty product:

  • Helps smooth and firm fine lines and wrinkles
  • Visibly reduces dark spots and even out the skin tone
  • It’s a Booster; helps other products penetrate deeper into skin
  • Provides immediate hydration and moisturize skin
  • Restores skin’s luminosity
  • Reduces irritation and inflammation

BB Oil

You can use this AM & PM: After treatment and before moisturizing, apply 2 or more drops onto face and neck.

Get ready to glow!  XOXO

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