Lingerie Française: Why I’m Incorporating French Lingerie Into My Daily Wardrobe

Lingerie Française: Why I’m Incorporating French Lingerie Into My Daily Wardrobe

What is about French women?  They always seem so sexy, sophisticated and confident!  Whenever I’m in France, I love people watching and am in constant awe of French women’s style.  Recently I discovered Lingerie Française and now I know where that poise and confidence comes from … they have on gorgeous, self-esteem boosting lingerie!


 Lingerie Française

I learned so much perusing Lingerie Française’s website and blog Truly French.  I don’t know about you, but I’ve thought of lingerie as something I put on for my husband on romantic evenings.  Now I want to wear lingerie for myself!


  • Un. The French have been designing the finest lingerie for close to 200 years, starting with the first corset ever.
  • Deux. French lingerie is the French woman’s secret power tool that sets the tone for day and is the key to feeling good in her skin.
  • Trois. Contrary to popular opinion, French lingerie is the Rolls Royce of lingerie for full-busted women.
  • Quatre. Beauty and comfort do co-exist.
  • Cinq. Sexy is a state of mind and it starts with lingerie: Beauty, intimacy, well-being and self-esteem are all wrapped up in French lingerie.


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Are you also feeling moved to star wearing french lingerie?  Lingerie Française is the perfect place to get inspired!  They are a French trade association that represents 14 of the most exclusive high-end French lingerie brands. Together, these brands are the epitome of French fashion and ultra-chic savoir-faire. Their member brands have been designing world-class French lingerie since the 1800s, which now we know coincides with the birth of the corset. The history of lingerie is truly a reflection of women’s history and social mores.  And as my wonderful readers know, I’m all about women’s empowerment.  From the corset to the bra, French lingerie is a story about freedom, sensuality, intimacy, practicality and, of course, fashion!

Craving more history? Watch this video to learn how the was bra born:


– Why do so many brands have French names but aren’t truly French?

– What’s the connection between lingerie, self-esteem and body image?

– What’s the secret history of French lingerie?

– 10 Things French Women Know

Don’t you agree we can learn a lot from French women?  I especially loved the tips on the art (and freedom) of not giving a damn. French women don’t care about being liked and being like everyone else. They have no desire to be “all things to all people.”  Seriously, how boring is it to be liked by everyone!


 Lingerie Française

And just in time for summer, how sensational is this swimwear!  I hope you all enjoyed this article as I really enjoyed working with Lingerie Française to create it. Be sure to subscribe to their newsletter and follow their social accounts to stay in the know.  Have a sexy summer loves! XOXO – Stuart

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  1. Wow such beautiful pieces, I agree with the sentiment that french women don’t give a damn about what others think and I think it’s great to live by that.

  2. The French invented sexy…the accent, the food, the men and women, screams sex. I am in love with the culture. This lingerie line looks amazing. It would definitely any woman a boost to her confidence.

  3. These are beautiful! I would be a little shy incorporating some of these styles, but to those that can…rock it!

  4. I aspire to be like the French women—I love their style! Great post! Now I need some new lingerie ❤️

  5. Wish I could wear Beautiful lingerie! Commenting for the Sephora gift card fingers crossed! Love your blog so far!

  6. So sexy! I love this brand and love the idea of incorporating lingerie outside the bedroom:) I have a couple lingerie inspired bodysuits I like to pull out for a night out!

  7. Having lived in France for a while, I learned to LOVE their style and self love. They seemed empowered and just secretly sexy…like..” yep, I know I’m good, and I don’t need anyone else’s affirmation except my own!” I loved it. And I LOVE this line of lingerie and swimsuits! Definitely going to have to add some to my wardrobe.

  8. Loved your post! This is a reminder for me to not forget to buy lingerie when shopping for clothes. I totally agree that is makes a difference. Loved the video too! Keep up the awesome posts! I’m signing up to your blog! 🙂

  9. I’ve always loved wearing sexy lingerie for myself not just for a man. I feel that it makes me feel feminine and sexy when I am wearing it. I need to shop for new lingerie soon! These are all great prices you have on your blog❤️ Xo

  10. What I also find interesting and refreshing about French lingerie is their bras don’t focus on pads or push-ups unlike the American counterparts. As a itty bitty titty committee member I very much appreciate that their idea of sexy is not all about having big boobs 😉

  11. I’ve always found French lingerie to be the sexiest, and even if I don’t plan on letting anyone else see what’s underneath my clothes, shouldn’t I feel divine at the “base” of my outfit? Love this post!

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