5 Delicious Tequila Cocktail Recipes

5 Delicious Tequila Cocktail Recipes

Happy Cinco De Mayo everybody!  I’m sure you are all searching for the perfect tequila cocktail to celebrate, so I’ve put together a list of 5 of my favorite tequila recipes!

Last week I was introduced to the incredible tequilas by Olmeca Altos at the launch of Altos Añejo, so I’ll be featuring their Plata, Reposado and Anejo in my cocktail suggestions.  I love that their product is created by bartenders for bartenders!  You get amazing quality and bang for your buck, so it’s a win win for all!

Tommys Margarita

For this Cinco de Mayo, get rid of that pre-made sugary margarita mix and use delicious fresh ingredients instead. Try making the Tommy’s Margarita recipe from Altos Tequila. Your guests and waistband will love it!

Tommys Margarita

2 parts Altos Plata

Fresh Lime Juice

Agave Nectar

Lime Wheel


If you’re a fan of salt, wet the rim of the glass and coat it with salt. Combine all the ingredients over ice and stir. Garnish with a lime wedge.

paloma cocktail


1 1⁄2 parts Altos Plata

2 parts Jarritos Grapefruit Soda

1/2 part fresh lime juice

Lime wedge


Combine all ingredients in a highball glass with ice and stir. Garnish with a lime wedge.

rosita cocktail with altos reposado

The Rosita

1½ parts Altos Reposado

1/2 part dry vermouth

1/2 part sweet vermouth

1/2 part apertif

Dash of angostura

Lemon twist


Stir all ingredients and strain into a chilled cocktail glass and garnish with a lemon twist.

And finally my last 2 cocktails are both made with just released Altos Añejo I just fell in love with!  As I shared in my tasting and mixology class, it smells like oranges dipped in honey and is a great alternative for bourbon drinkers.

altos anejo cocktails

Altos Añejo Manhattan

2 parts Altos Añejo

1 part Carpano Antica

2 dashes of bitters


Stir over ice, strain into a chilled glass, garnish and serve straight up.

Altos Añejo On the Rocks or Neat

2 parts Altos Añejo

Build in rocks glass over ice.

Enjoy the holiday everyone and tweet me pictures of your festivities!

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