What Are the Best Vitamins for Your Skincare Routine?

What Are the Best Vitamins for Your Skincare Routine?

As more and more women look to embrace their true skin, we’re seeing skincare be redefined as a way to complement—rather than hide—one’s natural beauty. But while the skincare industry continues to grow, it has made it more difficult to differentiate what ingredients are helpful, versus what may simply be marketing gimmicks.

My beauty posts here on Stuart Says focus on finding simple and effective beauty products for women, and in our journey, we’ve found out that the best skincare products rely on natural vitamins as potent ingredients. After all, vitamins are essential for staying healthy, which makes a solid case for incorporating them into your skincare routine.

That being said, here are the best vitamins for clear and healthy skin.

Vitamin C

When it comes to skincare, Vitamin C is a powerhouse of an ingredient, thanks to its numerous benefits. First, as an antioxidant, it shields your skin from environmental stressors. It also promotes collagen production to prevent the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Plus, using it will give you a radiant glow and brighter complexion. So, what product should you invest in for Vitamin C? Experts note that serums and Vitamin C are very effective when used in the same formula, so find a Vitamin C infused serum to deliver the skincare ingredient directly to your skin.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is one of the most popular skincare vitamins, and for good reason. As an antioxidant that’s packed with anti-inflammatory properties, it protects your skin from the toxic effects of free radicals. Indeed, Pretty Me’s review of AR Vitamin E creams highlights that this super vitamin is often used with other moisturizing ingredients, such as sunflower oil and beeswax. This strong combination safeguards your skin’s health and keeps it supple all-year-round, proving that Vitamin E is totally worth all the hype.

Vitamin A (Retinol)

Much praise has been said about retinol (or the natural form of Vitamin A). From lessening the appearance of pores and reducing fine lines, to keeping skin firm and treating acne, retinol is chock full of anti-aging benefits for your skin. But since retinol is a rather strong ingredient, consider using it in cream form. In this regard, Allure’s feature on retinol products recommends using a night cream like Murad’s, as it’s combined with another Vitamin-A derivative called retinyl propionate for a more potent formula.

Vitamin K

Despite not being as popular as its fellow skincare vitamins, Vitamin K deserves to be a star ingredient in your skincare arsenal. This is because it’s a healing nutrient that’s primarily used to treat wounds, bruises, and those pesky acne scars. Not to mention, it also stops blood clots from forming in your body. In turn, Vitamin K decreases the appearance of tricky skincare problems like dark circles, stretch marks, and spider veins.

Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide)

Vitamin B3 — otherwise known as niacin — is all the rage in the skincare industry. On Byrdie’s guide to Vitamin B3 benefits, it is said to help in restoring cellular energy and DNA, while also blocking the breakdown of the skin caused by stressors. Moreover, it assists in treating skin dullness, redness, and even acne. To incorporate this into your routine, a topical treatment like a serum or toner works best.

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