How to Achieve Better Cleavage with Makeup

How to Achieve Better Cleavage with Makeup

When it comes to ladies’ attributes, there are a lot of things that first come to your mind – from their eyes and beautiful smile to their curves as the most prominent symbol of their femininity. But we can all agree on one thing. Women’s cleavage is without any doubt the most talked about and looked at the feature, which is why ladies always give their best to enhance it as much as possible. Stay with us if you want to learn a few useful makeup tricks to make that happen – just keep on reading and check them out!

How to Achieve Better Cleavage with Makeup

Step #1: Find an appropriate brush for contouring

Finding a good makeup brush is of the utmost importance, so make sure you get one that will do the best job for your cleavage. Your contour brush should be medium-sized (something between a fluffy brush for blending your eyeshadow and a regular angled brush you use for face contouring). This means that you should get a fluffy angled brush that perfectly fits your décolletage, which is neither too small nor too big so that you can flawlessly apply your contouring product.

Step #2: Apply primer to your chest

Similarly to applying makeup to your face, contouring your cleavage also requires one additional step that makes a huge difference. This step includes applying primer to your décolletage, which is essential if you want your contour to stay in place all day long. Needless to say, you shouldn’t skip a primer if you have an important occasion coming up since it’ll help your makeup melt into the skin more efficiently and therefore last much longer.

Step #3: Start with a cream contour in a darker shade

Once your primer is on, start with applying your cream contouring product in a darker shade. You can use either a contour stick or any other cream contour palette for this step, so be sure to pick a shade appropriate for your skin tone and start contouring. Draw two lines, above and below your collarbones, and then define your cleavage by drawing a line up the center of your chest and two branches from that line which loop over each breast. Blend everything out to perfection with your blending brush.

Step #4: Go over cream contour with a matte bronzer

Once you’ve blended out your cream contouring product, it’s about time you set it with a matte bronzer in the same shade. Similarly to applying a primer, this step is also crucial as it will set your makeup and help it last much longer, which is what should be your ultimate goal. So, take a clean, fluffy medium-sized brush, dip it into your favorite bronzer, and then tap off the excess powder in order to avoid patchy areas which can often look really muddy and unattractive. When that’s done, you’ll set your contour like a real pro!


Step #5: Highlight your collarbones and breasts

Adding some highlighter is the last step in contouring your cleavage, and you should basically highlight the areas that haven’t been bronzed up. First of all, you should highlight within the lines you created above and below your collarbones. No matter how irrelevant this step may seem, it truly makes a huge difference simply because glowing collarbones are likely to draw attention to the upper part of your torso and therefore put the focus on your main assets instead of your minor flaws. You should also add a touch of highlight to your breasts, right under the contour, in order to define them and come up with a beautiful contrast that will make your cleavage appear much fuller and more attractive.

Step #6: Say ‘hello’ to your new breasts!

When your cleavage is all contoured and highlighted, you’ll be ready to say ‘hello’ to your new breasts! This makeup technique is more than desirable when it comes to some important occasions when you need to look super sexy. 

As you can see, there are so many amazing makeup tricks and steps you should take in order to make your cleavage seem fuller, sexier, and much more attractive. Once you master these tricks, you’ll nail your contour game like a true makeup pro, without any doubt!

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