Epic Wipes: My New Favorite Way To Stay Clean

Epic Wipes: My New Favorite Way To Stay Clean

Now THIS is an EPIC WIPE! I’m crazy for my new discovery Epic Wipes! Just 1 of these extra large wipes gets the job done after a long day of traveling, hot yoga class, camping, muddy mountain biking … you name it.  Hey, sometimes you need to shower but you can’t take one.  These heavy duty wet wipes help you do the things you love without the smell.

Speaking of smell, Epic Wipes smell amazing and are made with biodegradable materials, 100% bamboo fiber, antibacterial essential oils and they are paraben and toxic free.  I also really appreciate that Epic Wipes are created by an Army physician who wanted something better for military life.

Epic Wipes are 16X LARGER than a standard wet wipe, so you only need ONE to get the job done.

Pre-order yours today by clicking here and be sure to follow Epic Wipes on Instagram here.

I made this cool video to show you just epic EPIC WIPES are!

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