My First and Second Birth Stories: 2 Very Different Birth Experiences

My First and Second Birth Stories: 2 Very Different Birth Experiences

Sharing my two different birth stories in hopes they help first time pregnant mamas ❤️ Pregnancy is exciting, overwhelming, wonderful and downright SCARY at times!

My first birth experience:

During my first pregnancy, I felt very ill informed and honestly scared to ask too many questions in my doctors appointments. I suffered through pain and experiences that I wish I had spoken up about. I also felt like other pregnant women I knew sugarcoated the experience and didn’t share the not so great parts.

I read books, blogs, did hypnobirthing meditations and tried to prepare myself for labor and delivery, but once my water broke and my OBGYN told to go to the hospital right away things took a turn. I listened to what all the nurses and doctors told me to do, got put on WAY to much Pitocin to speed up the process and get the baby out and ended up having a traumatic first time birth experience.

Watch my first time mom live birth vlog:

My Second Birth Experience:

As I prepare for my third birth, I am sharing the labor induction of my second child at the hospital at 39 weeks pregnant. I am also 39-years-old here. I was 1 centimeter dilated, so we start with a foley balloon, followed by breaking my water or breaking the amniotic sack and then Pitocin, a synthetic version of the hormone oxytocin that’s typically used to induce labor, boost contractions, and control bleeding after birth. The day started at 9am and I welcomed my son into the world at 11:09pm. This was a difficult and grueling day, but I had an empowered and positive birth experience. I treasured golden hour, which I was not able to enjoy with my first birth experience.

To be honest, I’m STILL processing both of these experiences, getting anxious again about baby no. 3 and thinking about what could go wrong. I’m trying my best to focus on what I can control and that is surrounding myself with the best birth team possible, eating healthy, exercising daily ENJOYING this, my FINAL pregnancy and BLESSING. So much of pregnancy is honestly a big mind game!

My third baby is also measuring extremely big, so if I don’t go into labor naturally earlier, I will discuss inducing again at 39 weeks with my doctor. I will keep you posted and feel free to comment with any questions!

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