15 Creepy DIY Halloween Costumes

15 Creepy DIY Halloween Costumes

Don’t you just love Halloween?  The idea of pretending to be someone other than yourself even for just a few hours holds a nice appeal to many of us who spend our days busy and stressed.  Pretending isn’t just for kids anymore! What do you plan to be for Halloween?  You are going to dress up, right?  If you want to create a fun and creepy costume for you to show off at all of the great parties this season, check out this list of creepy DIY Halloween costumes! 

15 Creepy DIY Halloween Costumes

Creepy Clown

With the rerelease of IT this fall, creepy clowns are all the rage this Halloween.  Food N Service has a fantastic how-to on creating a creepy Pennywise Costume that you can check out here.  Otherwise, a creepy clown can be created with simple Halloween makeup.  Be sure to paint your face white (but don’t completely cover it, imperfect paint is much more frightening than a perfect white face).  Make sure you smudge the colors and use lots of black and smudged black around the eyes. Black lipstick or lip liner will go far toward making your look truly terrifying.


While there may not be anything specifically creepy about it, some people have a deep-seated fear of clowns and even a seemingly friendly one can cause panic.  You can buy a clown face makeup kit just about anywhere that you can find Halloween costumes.  Pair it with some overalls for a classic clown look.


A classic vampire won’t take more than some white face paint, a set of vampire teeth and some fake blood.  


Biohazard mask

Find a biohazard mask, either in costume or a real one at a thrift store.  For many people, this is one of the most frightening costumes that they have seen.


If you find yourself in a Goodwill or other thrift shop, keep a lookout for an old prom dress and get some fake blood and cover yourself.  This entire costume will cost just a couple bucks, but for all of us that were terrified of the movie when we were younger, it is a truly creepy DIY costume.

The Ring Dead Girl

If you have naturally black hair, you are set, otherwise, hit up the nearest Costume retailer and buy a long black wig.  Oil it down with hair or baby oil to create the scary, stringy effect and find a hospital gown.  Make sure to get it nice and dirty and ‘voila!  You have a very creepy costume.

Dead Person

Buy some white face paint and get some ratty clothes.  This combination will let you easily pull off being a dead person.  Creepy and simple.

Jason Voorhees

With a hockey mask and a ratted trenchcoat, you can pull off looking like one of the scariest horror film villains of all time. You can buy a Jason hockey mask for just $10.99


A long, sleek black or grey wig and some black and white makeup can make a simple, yet creepy witch.


Some white and green face paint can make all the difference when you are trying to create a creepy effect.  You can also use some flesh wound Halloween Makeup to round out your costume.


Use black paint to create a “hollowed” out eye effect and draw crooked smile lines on your cheeks.  Not all scarecrows are happy.

Wounded Masquerade Girl  

Buy a flesh wound makeup kit and paint a flesh wound on the area that the mask would cover, hold your mask over the area until you see someone you would like to creep out.

Scary Nun

A nun’s habit, white face paint and black makeup on your lips and eyes will make this one terrifying costume.


Another terrifying horror movie villain, Jigsaw can easily be created with a black wig, some white face paint and some black and red makeup pencils.

Dead Bride

Find an old wedding dress at a thrift shop and have fun destroying it with dirt, scissors, and some fake blood splatters.  Add this to some scary zombie makeup and you have a scary costume.

Hope you’ve got some serious creepy Creepy DIY Halloween Costume inspiration now.  Be sure to tweet me your Halloween pics!

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XOXO – Stuart

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  1. Have seen so many posts and videos on the Creepy Clown mask and costume, no wonder it’s #1 on your list
    Great post, gives some amazing ideas for someone like me 😀

  2. I love Halloween for this reason, to dress like a monster! I am asian and once I was dressed liked a japanese ghost. I was wearing a simple kimono and made fake blood all over my painted pale face. I bought a fake unordinary long black hair that got very heavy and hot when I was dancing the night away. People was complaining that they got stuck or hit by my hair!😂

  3. Creepy clown or JIgsaw? I was looking for my son’s celebration in his school for halloween and I guess, I’m gonna select either of them. Great Ideas.

  4. I love Halloween, so always go all out. Not sure I’ll have time this year so the biohazard mask is a great, and easy, idea!

  5. My first choice is the dead bride and then next is the clown costume. That creepy clown is very realistic. Just in time from the movie IT, featuring a clown who is killing. However, I now have more ideas to think of what to wear on our Halloween party.

  6. My Kids are so excited that Halloween is approaching and reading your post made me think of getting a costume for myself as well and not only for my kids. And why not?!

  7. Oh my! My boys would love this list of ideas. They always want to pick out the creepiest outfits each year.

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