I Got Purple Highlights!!!

I Got Purple Highlights!!!
I’VE GOT PURPLE HIGHLIGHTS!! If you’ve been following me for a while, then you know my obsession with purple! 💜 I’ve always wanted to go this bold shade, but due to my job I haven’t been able to. When @color_me_forever_moore slid into my DMs and I perused his feed of colorful artistry, I realized there’s no time like RIGHT NOW!


I popped over to see him at @goo__salon on Fairfax and he worked his magic!! He strategically placed them so when I need to go corporate I can. 👏 We bonded on our Southern roots, he just moved here from Kentucky, and the fabulousness that is Los Angeles. He gave me a fresh cut and beautiful cream colored face framing highlights. He is an absolute delight!


We also talked about maintenance and he recommended incorporating Olaplex into my routine and alternating it with shampoo for color treated hair. I personally love Oribe and I’ve tagged the products in my shop, so this post is shoppable right above. Thank you @color_me_forever_moore!
I just got this new pair of @lineapaoloshoes white ankle boots you must see in action here because they are FABULOUS!!

@stuartbrazell Mama’s going out!! #momsnightout #ootn #whiteboots #aliensuperstar ♬ ALIEN SUPERSTAR – Beyoncé

You can shop them here:

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