5 Easy, Actionable Steps to Monetize Your Blog

5 Easy, Actionable Steps to Monetize Your Blog

One of the most asked questions in the blogging community is how do bloggers make money? Every blogger and niche is different, but there are a few easy, actionable steps to monetize your blog. Some blogs barely make enough income to pay for hosting fees, whereas others can generate enough cash to keep a small army employed. Here are 5 Easy, Actionable Steps to Monetize Your Blog:

Sell Ad Space

Banner adds through affiliate networks used to be all the rage and was what most bloggers used. There is a better way though. When your site has either high amounts of traffic or is super niched you are in a place where you can cut out the middleman. You work directly with an advertiser and display their ad for a fixed period of time for a set amount of money. Generally, these are done in quarter increments that allow the advertiser to change out the ad each quarter. This is a great way to go if you want to work with a local business who may not yet be using affiliate marketing but is a great match for your site.

Affiliate Advertising

By far, one of the easiest and most lucrative ways to monetize your blog is through affiliate advertising. There are dozens of affiliate platforms from AWIN, Commission Junction, and AvantLink to name a few. Each advertiser pays out a set commission based off of either sales or impressions. Read the merchant agreement and reach out to the affiliate manager to make sure the program is right for you. One thing to note, don’t be afraid to reach out the affiliate manager and ask for a higher commission or to try the product. Building a solid relationship with your affiliate manager will go a long way.

Create and Sell Your Own Products

Many bloggers are passionate about other topics. Some bloggers are amazing photographers and others have the gift of illustration. Photographers can reproduce their work on a number of items from coasters to large pictures perfect for the office. They post the products on their site using a plugin like WooCommerce and then order the product from companies like Shutterfly when it sells. There are many different products that can be monetized this way. If you are an artist, you can create adult coloring books and list them for sale on Amazon.

Promote Products that you Use

This goes hand-in-hand with affiliate marketing. Often times people ask for your opinion on everything from what website host you prefer to which Insta-pot brand you use. Tell them! You can write it up in a blog post or a simple Facebook status with the link to the product either from Amazon or an affiliate network. When you do these organically or in response to someone asking a specific question, it won’t look spammy. Now don’t go and just be a link dropper and hope that anyone and everyone will click your link.

Holiday Gift Guides

Gift guides are quite popular during the fourth quarter. Whether you have a gardening or sports blog, you can create a gift guide that your readers will love. Reach out to the companies you want to represent and ask for review items, paid placement, or a higher commission on the products you are want to share.

For example, I created this Games of Thrones holiday gift guide for the superfans.  Do you have tips? Let me know if a comment below!

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  1. This is a great list you’ve put together! I just started blogging this month and will be checking out some of these other potential money makers!

  2. Really great tips for those who try to earn from blogging! Who doesnt want to right? I would love to! That said, I have to be honest that many many many blogs I stumble upon kind of makes me sad to see that theres no soul into their blog. The ads are in your face, they make up topic just to include a product to review ect. Ok, I understand that many of them have a blog just to review products and earn money. But I have seen great blogs that become greedy…

  3. Amazing suggestions! Glad I read your post, and now gained additional ideas, how will I monetized my blog.

  4. Loved the idea of creating and selling self products, I love photography and have a great compilation , plus I love creating worksheets for kids. I shall compile and try selling some on amazon.

  5. These are such an awesome tips. I really love the idea of creating our own product and sell and the Holiday gift guides. I will totally pin this for my future reference. It will help me to monetize our blog.

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