Mask Up! My Favorite Face Masks

Mask Up! My Favorite Face Masks

One of the most important ways to stay safe during these trying times is, of course, wearing a face mask. Apart from helping to keep me and my family safe, they’re also a really fun way to add a little personality to your outfit! A functional face mask doesn’t have to be a boring disposable paper one and so many brands are creating colorful designs that really stand out. Here’s a rundown of some of my recent favorite stylish face masks:


Revolve is my go-to site for all things fashion, so it is no surprise they have some super stylish face masks! I just ordered this rhinestone face mask for New Year’s Eve. Isn’t it fun!?

Aeria NYC

The team at Aeria NYC was kind enough to send me a few face masks to wear out and about and try out. After a few weeks? I absolutely love these! First of all, they’re made from an eco-friendly and machine washable fabric, so I know they’re easy on the planet and easy to take care of. Second, the ear straps are so comfortable, and latex-free too! I especially love the styles with the pearl embellishments. Who said a face mask couldn’t be glamorous? Here I’m rocking mine to a recent eBay event.


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Swaddle Designs

Swaddle Designs initially started out making baby blankets, but when the pandemic took hold in March, the brand switched gears and started manufacturing the cutest face masks. That means they are definitely safe for the whole family to use. I especially like their chambray versions, which are designed with a flexible nose bridge so they always fit really comfortably.


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Ahida Correale

If you’re the type who really wants to stand out, you should definitely check out Ahida Correale’s custom face masks. You can get them embroidered with whatever you want! I love the idea of making a custom mask for different events or for every member of the family. Plus there are so many different colors and border styles to choose from that everyone is going to be happy! I decided on ‘Mama Bear’ for mine as you can see here from my first outing with Xander.

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Under Armour

Under Armour is one of my go-to brands for workout gear so of course, you can’t go wrong with their selection of face coverings and masks. They have classic masks that are comfortable and breathable, plus full face coverings – I can definitely imagine wearing one of these on a chilly hike! I also love the choices of sweatshirts that come with a covering built in! Makes a last-minute shopping trip so much easier.

Out & About Supply

This fabric mask design is turning heads with it’s “one-strap wonder” that uniquely fits users’ faces both over the ears and around their necks for longer, convenient wear – ensuring a snug and comfortable fit. They are composed of washable, eco-friendly and tightly-woven lightweight fabric, are latex and elastic-free, ensuring that the mask will never lose its grip and allowing safe use for those with latex allergies. Plus Out & About Supply masks are made in Los Angeles and come in kids and adult sizes. I have the flowery design and I personally appreciate how the fog-free nose peaks keep my glasses clear for my afternoon walks.


A really cute brand for the whole family, JOAH Love has so many face masks to choose from, especially for your little ones! I love that they have such a great range of sizes. The colors are awesome too – we’re big fans of the tie-dye masks!


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Have you found any great face masks lately? Let me know in the comments below!

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