5 Tips to Keep Motivated When Working From Home

5 Tips to Keep Motivated When Working From Home

Working from home may sound like the ideal situation, but  I can honestly share from experience it can be challenging! Here are 5 Tips to Keep Motivated When Working From Home:

1. Develop a Routine

It is extremely important to set your alarm at the same time every morning and get ready as if you are heading to the office. This means shower, get dressed, eat breakfast and take some time for yourself before sitting in front of your computer and beginning the day’s agenda.

2.  Set Aside a Workspace

Yes working from your bed may seem appealing, but this is a bad habit to start!  Not only is having a dedicated work area a tax write-off, but it also keeps you focused and motivated.

3.  Take Regular Breaks

Be sure to take some time for yourself during the day to recharge.  When I need a break from a busy day at home hunched over the computer writing, I grab a healthy snack like a delicious Strawberry and step outside for a burst of energy!

4.  Don’t Mix Your Work and Home Life

It may seem hard but it is best to keep your work and personal life separate.  Carve out time for family and relationships, but don’t be distracted by them either. Having dinner while you are on your laptop at the table isn’t fair to anyone.  And this includes social media – you know when you are doing work and when you’re just killing time!

5.  Be Sure to Network

It is so important to get out of the home office a few times a week.  Attending networking events and meeting for coffee or lunch keeps your face in front of colleagues and potential employers.  Plus you will benefit from the personal interaction. Now right now we are in a very unique circumstance where that isn’t possible, but you can get together online.

I hope these tips help!

Keep hustling everybody!

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