Why Consumers Need The FDA To Investigate Bang Energy

As consumers, we all expect to see straightforward, truthful language in advertising and labeling. When it comes to supplements and energy drinks like the Bang Energy line of products, I rely heavily on the information I am given to make the right decision about what goes into my body. Unfortunately, sometimes that trust is misplaced. I’ll be honest, it’s pretty inexcusable to me for a product to take advantage of my desire to better myself by intentionally misleading me or lying outright. But that’s exactly what I believe VPX Sports CEO Jack Owok has done.

Bang Doesn’t Hold a Valid Patent for Super Creatine

He was stripped of it after ThermoLife requested that the USPTO take a second look. Turns out, ThermoLife’s Russian partners are responsible for the invention of that compound. Yet Owok continues to let consumers believe that he is selling them patented energy drinks specially formulated in his own lab.

Super Creatine Isn’t Really Even a Thing.

Super creatine is Bang’s not-so-secret ingredient. Jack Owok claims it is an enhanced form of creatine, in fact he calls it “the future of creatine.” But here’s the catch: “super” creatine is chemically distinct. Not only that, but Bang’s own research can’t even say for sure what effect it has on humans, good or bad. Actual creatine is not in Bang at all. Which means all these supposed benefits of creatine that we keep hearing about have nothing to do with Bang Energy products.

Bang Is Not a Cure for Serious Neurological Disorders

In fact for the disorders Jack Owok has specifically named, pretty much nothing is a cure at this time. That’s exactly why Parkinson’s, Huntington’s and Alzheimer’s are so devastating. So why does he assert that creatine (which we’ve already established isn’t really even in his products) can reverse not only dementia-related disorders but mental retardation as well? At the very best, he’s become confused by his own pseudo-science. At worst, he is preying on the disabled in order to increase profits. Not a good look for you, Jack.

Bang Doesn’t Contain Enough Beneficial Ingredients to Fulfill Its Own Claims

Based on testing, BCAAs and CoQ10 do appear in Bang. The problem is, there’s not enough of them to have the impact Bang claims. Owok has included just enough to be able to say it’s in there, but not enough to actually benefit his consumers. This is in direct opposition to testing done by VPX that claims a considerably greater amount. That sounds fishy to me.

It’s clear that Jack Owok has zero interest in protecting consumers, so it’s time for someone else to step up. The FDA needs to investigate Bang Energy’s false claims and the risks these products may pose, considering some of the ingredients in Bang Energy haven’t been tested for safety in humans. For more information or to find out how you can help spread awareness, visit www.TheTruthAboutBang.com.

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