Maternity Shopping Tips for First-Time Moms with Mom’s the Word

Maternity Shopping Tips for First-Time Moms with Mom’s the Word

When you are pregnant for the first time, everything can feel overwhelming.  Whether you are waiting to share the happy news or shouting ‘I’m Pregnant’ from the rooftops, dressing your ever-changing body can be especially challenging.  It can be tempting to just shop online or buy bigger sizes in regular clothing, but I highly recommend physically going into a store and trying clothes on during your pregnancy. Guess what ladies, walking around with your pants unbuttoned is not cute (I know because I did it for a month).  So I’m thrilled I discovered Mom’s the Word in Los Angeles and worked with a maternity style expert.  They helped guide me during this special time to feel fabulous and fashionable! I’ve teamed up with them to share these wonderful maternity shopping tips for first-time moms.

Maternity Shopping Tips for First-Time Moms

What Size Maternity Clothes to Buy

Mom’s the Word carries their own line of clothes and features both maternity and non-maternity brands all over the world.  Generally, if you are a size 6 pre-pregnancy, you will be a size 6 in maternity.  But your body is going through so many changes I highly recommend trying clothes on in-store and benefitting from being sized.  I worked with Austin at the Third Street location and he was so extremely helpful!  He made me feel very comfortable and helped me select the essentials I should purchase to get started.

Maternity Essentials


The #1 item I needed immediately was jeans!  I put this off because I kept thinking maternity jeans would be dowdy, but boy was I wrong!  I happily discovered all of my favorite denim brands make maternity jeans.  I tried on a couple of different pairs and purchased two different fab styles with the panels that stretch with your growing bump.  I can happily share that as I sit here at 36 weeks the jeans I bought at 19 weeks have stretched right with me.  And I know I will be wearing these after my baby boy arrives as well.

Fabulous Dress

When I’m down and out, it is amazing what throwing on a fab dress can do for my mood!  I’ve enjoyed embracing my growing curves in a variety of gorgeous dresses.  From a staple maxi dress to sexy and tight and flowy and loose, I found tons of wonderful options at Mom’s the Word.  I’m crazy about my Destiny Maxi, which is their brand, and I have received so many compliments!  I also suggest a couple of shirtdresses for casual occasions and a tight, long dress with ruching when you want to accentuate the bump.  Take a look at some of my favorite maternity dresses and let me know which one is your fave!

Bras and Intimates

The other basic I needed right away were new bras!  Almost immediately after finding out I was pregnant, my breasts felt so heavy and I absolutely could not stand to wear underwire anymore …. so there went pretty much every bra I owned.  Austin helped me find the most comfortable bras that also offered great support and work wonderfully with all of my clothes.  And, they are actually nursing bras, so I already have a headstart on my nursing wardrobe.  I also selected a super comfy bandeau, some over the belly maternity tights which are key for colder months, and a belly bandit which has been so important for added back support in these later months.

Active Wear

You might think your workout clothes will be okay, but think again.  Those compression yoga pants will drive you nuts after your first trimester, so you should definitely add a couple of pregnancy-friendly yoga pants and leggings to your wardrobe.  They are perfect for layering and work well with loose tops and comfortable layering pieces from your non-maternity wardrobe as well.

Be Open-Minded with Your Style

One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned during this pregnancy is to be open-minded with my style.  What I used to love wearing pre-pregnancy I might hate now and vice versa.  For example, I’ve never been a romper or jumpsuit girl.  I’ve always felt they made me look shorter and cut off my leg line.  Now my Hudson Jumpsuit by alex & harry is on rotation at least once a week.  It really highlights my baby bump, is super soft and so comfortable!

Meet Other Mamas

If you are the only one in your friend group who is currently pregnant, you can feel isolated.  So shopping in a brick and mortar maternity store is a great way to hang out and meet other mamas who are going through the same things.  Hey, it’s time to build your mom tribe!  Plus there is tons of space for hubby to hang out, so feel free to bring him along.


I hope these maternity shopping tips for first-time moms help guide you through your journey.  Remember, you can still be stylish and feel glamorous throughout your pregnancy!  Let’s get past the stigma that maternity clothes are not cute.  The pieces I found at Mom’s the Word are not throw away clothes, they are forever clothes.  Plus everything is easy care, which will be so helpful when the baby comes.  Dry clean only? I don’t think so!

LA moms I hope you will visit the Moms the Word store on Third Street. And if you live in Northern California they have locations in San Francisco and Palo Alto.
You might also enjoy our live reaction pregnancy video!! XOXO – Stuart

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  1. I have yet to be pregnant, but I can imagine I would love shopping here if I was! Such cute pieces. You look amazing!

    xx Mollie

  2. Amazing tips. I would definitely suggest my wifey to follow your instructions. Just one thing I want to add, you can add shower chair and non-slip bath mat in maternity shopping list. I think they are really helpful.

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