5 Ways to Refresh Your Spirit

5 Ways to Refresh Your Spirit

New Year’s is not the only time of year perfect for resolutions! On the contrary, when you start to see spring blossoms and bring out your favorite floral dresses, you’ll be even more inspired to make meaningful lifestyle changes to boost your mood and stay healthy.

It doesn’t mean that you’ll have to turn your entire life upside down to see results, but rather go one little change at a time to enjoy the process as well. If you’re still feeling down from the dreary winter blues, the following five can be your spring-tastic strategies to get into the right mindset and become ever so twitterpated with this cheerful season!

5 Ways to Refresh Your Spirit:

1. Start with mindful mornings


Meditation is a powerful de-stressing tool you can easily introduce into your daily routine. You don’t even have to leave the bed if that feels like a comfy place to start this practice. As long as you have a position that will not instantly put you back to sleep, you are free to keep your feet covered with a blanket and go at it.

You can find several positive thoughts (also known as mantras) to focus on during your ten-minute mindfulness session, or you can simply think of your breathing patterns in order to slow them down. If you stay dedicated, you’ll soon notice how your mood changes, and you slowly become more resilient to everyday stress triggers. It’s all about relaxation, being in the present moment, and preparing yourself for the challenges of the day ahead!

2. Swap your skincare kit

Now that it’s finally time to wave goodbye to icy-cold winds, you can pack away your rich lotions. With spring just around the corner, you need to focus on polishing away any dead skin cells or dirt buildup. This is the time to find a trusty exfoliator that will unveil your spring complexion and prepare your skin for those sunny days.

Consider adding organic ingredients to your glowing skincare routine, since Mother Nature is the best source of nourishment for your complexion. Think: lightweight mists to keep your complexion moisturized without clogging your pores, and cleansers without any toxic

3. Inspire yourself to move

5 Ways to Refresh Your Spirit

It’s easy for a fitness enthusiast to get psyched about starting a new routine, but if you’re used to your binge-watching addiction, this will not be an easy decision to make. That is why it’s so crucial to find various ways to boost your motivation with rituals outside your exercise regimen!

Start with a playlist to pump you up every time you hit the gym, a meal plan to support your goals, and find a high-quality protein powder to make delicious post-workout shakes and smoothies. Another thing that can help is putting on the right pair of tights and a comfy tank-top because this will be your Wonder Woman change of clothes to create the right mindset for the challenge.

4. Think green

Think of it as your perfect spring cleaning plan: most of your daily tasks and behaviors can be adjusted to be more Earth-friendly. From your home cleaning supplies from Elswoods Direct, all the way to your makeup, take a look at all the labels you own and start cleaning out everything you don’t need or that isn’t sustainable.

Consider introducing meatless Mondays, decluttering fast fashion items, switching to cruelty-free makeup, carpooling or cycling instead of driving alone to work, using more greenery in your home to purify your air, and switching to energy-efficient light bulbs. Every step you make in the right direction is another way to enrich your life and help protect our lovely planet.

5. Become a giver


In the same spirit of greenery, spring is the perfect season for doing more good in your community. When you spend some time in your homeless shelter, helping the elderly neighbors with their grocery shopping, or teaching local kids from disadvantaged families, you’ll have an unparalleled sense of gratitude for all the good you have in your life.

There is nothing more rewarding than making a difference for those who need it most, and donating some of your possessions, time, or knowledge can mean a lot to someone in your community. It’s never too late to give away your used books or make a batch of cookies for that lonely old lady down the street – use this blooming season to do good, and your spirit will bloom with it.

Most importantly, let these five suggestions be your inspiration to make even grander changes in your life!  Perhaps you can truly take some time to get real with yourself and finally make some big changes for the better.  Have you been thinking about seeking treatment for a drug or alcohol addiction? There is an incredible addiction treatment center in Colorado with striking landscapes and an array of outdoor activities.  Or maybe you need to finally end a very toxic relationship that has been negatively affecting you for years and years.  Now is the time to live your best life and be the best version of yourself!

This just a beginning of your year-long efforts, renewed resolutions, and healthy choices, so make every day count, and do your best to always find new ways to outdo yourself!

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