Best Traditional Tattoos and Their Symbolic Meanings

Best Traditional Tattoos and Their Symbolic Meanings

While most of us fancy having a modern or a customized tattoo today, there is this completely different genre of traditional tattoos that have a symbolic significance. So, before you decide to get yourself permanently inked, it is only wise to learn about some of these tattoos that are extremely popular and the meanings that they hold.

7 Traditional Tattoos and Their Meanings

  1. An Anchor Tattoo: There is a reason that the anchor tattoo tops our list. This is one of the most popular traditional tattoos that have created a kind of niche for itself. Even today, it remains the primary choice for all age groups. Since an anchor is the most stable and secure object that is used by a sailor, the tattoo actually signifies protection, stability and dependence. You can go for this traditional tattoo and you must hire a professionally trained tattoo artist to sketch this tattoo on your body. You can also do a temporary or permanent tattoo.
  2. A Knife or A Dagger Stabbing A Heart: Now, this is traditional and popular enough to be called a classic. A bloody red heart that is stabbed by a bloody dagger is a tattoo we have seen in several places. This can have different significance to different people–pain in love or trust issues in a relationship. Whatever it is for you, the tattoo is among the best traditional tattoos and is quite popular too.
  3. A Thorny Rose: A thorny rose in deep red color also seems to be a favorite of many. The rose can be depicted in several ways—it can be dripping red blood or piercing the moon. The other popular rose tattoo is where a rose is placed with a gun-probably depicting two different sides of life-love and hate.
  4. A Fox’s Face: Another tattoo on our list of best traditional tattoos is the face of a vain fox, vain since fox is considered as a clever and cunning animal. Different cultures around the world hold a different significance for Fox. It can mean longevity and protection against any evil for Japanese while Foxes can be guides for Celts.
  5. A Hand Mirror: A beautifully decorated hand mirror can be about the true reflection of life for a few while it can be about transparency in relationships for others. There are a few traditional tattoos that just show a frame minus the mirror inside it. A mirror can also mean spirituality in a few cultures.
  6. A Feather Tattoo: When we discuss a whole list of best traditional tattoos, we cannot afford to miss on the feather tattoos that are equally popular today due to a wide range of their beautiful designs. A feather symbolizes freedom, hope and enlightenment and has been linked to the Native American Culture. The most popular feather design is a single small or a large feather.
  7. A Skull Tattoo: A skull tattoo is another among the best traditional tattoos that have remained popular over the years. It has different significance in different cultures such as death, a short life or even triumph or victory in others. But when a rose is included in the skull design, it symbolizes the celebration of life.

Traditional-Tattoos and-Their-Symbolic-Meanings

It can be an adventure filled experience to have a tattoo that is going to be part of your life. This is exactly why it is also important to know the real symbolic meanings of these best traditional tattoos and the significance that they might hold in different cultures. Today you can also search more traditional tattoo designs online and choose the best for you. In this regard, you can also contact with a tattoo artist and they will show you their templates to choose from.

Guest article by Justin Jersey

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