5 Fashion Basics For Men

5 Fashion Basics For Men

Many men find it difficult to find the right type of fashion pieces to combine. Therefore, they often hang in the same outfit. The basics for a good wardrobe begin with a few things that you must have in your wardrobe. They form the foundation of the outfits that you can wear all day. They are easy to combine with your other more seasonal clothing. Every wardrobe has some “evergreens” tops or jeans that never go out of fashion, so it can’t hurt to have some extra staples in the closet.  As long as you choose quality, you will have years of fun!

5 Fashion Basics For Men:

#1 A good white shirt

A good white shirt is the best multi-tasker for every man. You can use a white shirt for business and casual wear. You can easily combine a white shirt with a thin V-neck sweater or simply a black blazer or jacket. A white shirt is fresh and perfect to wear at work. There are even businessmen who wear only white shirts to the office. Prefer a more nonchalant look? Then roll the sleeves up a little and wear the shirt out of your trousers. This is perfect for going out. Make sure that you combine rugged, worn out jeans and sneakers. Quality Edwards white shirts are available starting from just $18.13.

# 2 A dark blue blazer

Every man should have at least one blazer in his wardrobe because a stylish, slim fit blazer is something you can wear for both, business and private. For work, you can easily combine with jeans and a short collar shirt. While a slim t-shirt and nonchalant jeans with a blazer look great for parties and dinners.

# 3 A Pull-over with V-neck in Solid Gray or Light Blue

The V-neck pullover or sweater is a great long-lasting item for men. The V-neck style is especially comfortable as well as stylish. This style looks great on all body types and is ideal for layering. In terms of color, I recommend grey, sand, light blue or brown. These are all good basics that you can often wear for no matter the occasion.

# 4 Dark Jeans

Don’t be discouraged if your body type does not allow you to fit into the latest trend in jeans. Blue is the most versatile color and is acceptable all season. A nice dark blue pair of jeans is flattering on everyone and on trend. Plus dark denim pairs nicely with pretty much everything.

# 5 Good Undershirts

Last but not the least! The most important essential is a wonderful undershirt. Many times men don’t like to wear an additional garment under their shirts. I suggest it because this ensures that the clothing you wear lasts longer. And V-neck undershirts are rarely visible. I suggest going with a nice basic white.

I hope you enjoyed these tips fellas.  Let me know if you’d like me to write more men’s fashion pieces.

And here are some great tips for the ladies to up your fall fashion game!

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  1. YES on the v neck undershirts! Nothing grinds my gears more when I see dudes with un-buttoned collars and you can see their crew neck undershirt!

    • Don’t be fooled by the name, I’m female as you can see from pictures here on the website. But thanks, men need fashion advice too!

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