VO|CO Review – Vodka and Coconut Water Cocktail

VO|CO Review – Vodka and Coconut Water Cocktail

Vodka is my go to liquor of choice and I find myself drinking coconut water daily.  So I was extremely excited to try VO|CO, a vodka and coconut water cocktail!  I had high hopes for this cocktail, so I was thrilled to score an invite to VO|CO’s ‘End of Summer’ bash at the Mondrian Hotel hosted by the beyond beautiful Alessandra Ambrosio.  Hey if she’s a fan, it must be good! Seriously, her body and skin are perfection!

Alessandra Ambrosio Host Labor Day Weekend Closing Party at Skybar at Mondrian Hotel

And I’m happy to say it is DELICIOUS!  This is the perfect cocktail for the summer party season and really anytime you want to enjoy a cocktail and stay hydrated at the same time.  Come one, I know many of us have woken up with that pesky hangover.  And the main cause of a hangover is dehydration!

Here are the details and why I recommend VO|CO:

VO|CO is a “Ready to Drink” Vodka & Coconut Water Cocktail! Yes, that means stick a straw in it and you are ready to go!

It is premium triple distilled Vodka blended with Pure Coconut Water that is honestly delicious!

There are no artificial sweeteners or artificial colors added aka no added calories!

So next time you are looking for something easy to drink that won’t leave you in bed the next day, I suggest VO|CO.  It is light, refreshing and fun!

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