‘The Intern’ Movie Review – Why You Should Go See It!

‘The Intern’ Movie Review – Why You Should Go See It!

If you are debating what to see at the theater this weekend, I highly suggest The Intern!  Starring Anne Hathaway and Robert De Niro, this movie is a definite feel good flick! The two have great chemistry, it is a wonderful story and I loved seeing Workaholics stars Adam Devine and Anders Holm representing!

I also found myself a little worn out from big action summer blockbusters and seeking a good relationship story .. this hit the spot without being a rom com!  I’m a huge fan of Nancy Meyers and this did not disappoint.  I also found myself LOVING Anne Hathaway in this role and it made me think why is everyone still hating on Anne Hathaway? She is an incredible actress and a super cool chick! Let Les Miserables award season behavior go!

I was invited to an advanced screening for this film, so as promised with this site’s new launch I made a video review just for you 🙂

I hope you enjoy my review and reactions. Do you plan on seeing this film or have you seen it? Leave me a comment below!

And have a beautiful weekend!

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