Breastfeeding Must Haves for First Time Moms: A Tell-It-Like-It-Is Guide

Breastfeeding Must Haves for First Time Moms: A Tell-It-Like-It-Is Guide

Alright, first-time moms, listen up. Breastfeeding is a beautiful and rewarding experience, but it can also be challenging, especially in the early days. That’s why it’s important to have the right tools on hand. Here are a few breastfeeding must-haves that I wish someone had told me about:

A Nursing Tank That Does Double Duty

When you’re establishing your supply, wearing a top becomes optional! The right nursing tank can keep you covered for visitors while still providing access as soon as you need it. Belly Bandit combines the smoothing and shaping they are known for into the perfect nursing tank to provide support for your healing tummy and keep you feeling confident without resorting to layering! For sleeping and nightime, I love Seraphine Women’s Maternity and Nursing vests twin Pack in Black & Blush. They are comfortable with easy nursing access and can easily be styled during the day as well. 

Soothing Heat and Cold Therapies in One Compact Package

When the milk comes in, girl it is painful!! I was not prepared! And really whether or not you choose to breastfeed, you will probably experience breast soreness and/or swelling after birth. Cold therapy will not only provide pain relief but can reduce engorgement. For breastfeeding or pumping mamas who struggle with blocked ducts, delayed let-down, or even mastitis, gentle heat can soften and soothe. Lansinoh’s TheraPearl 3-in-1 Breast Therapy Gel Packs provide cool and warm relief in one amazing product! They even work with your breast pump to reduce pumping time. They are BPA and BPS-free and safe for use with your microwave.

The right nursing bra

This is my third baby and I have officially found my favorite nursing bras! I love Bodily’s Stages of Breastfeeding 3-Pack! Did you know the bra you choose can affect your risk of common complications like clogged ducts and mastitis, so finding the best style to optimize breast health in your stage is important. Bodily created a system that’s as simple as 1, 2, 3 – breaking breastfeeding into three stages based on your body’s needs, and offering bras designed with an IBCLC to support the needs of each transition. Be very careful not to wear anthing to tight, trust me I learned the hard way!

A silicone breast pump also nicknamed a Haakaa

This is a GAME CHANGER! While you are breastfeeding your baby, milk will naturally leak from your other breast. Don’t let that milk just go to waste into your breast pad!! Place a silicone breast pump on it and start building your milk stash. It suctions and comfortably collects your breast milk while you feed your baby.

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Breastmilk storage bags for the freezer

Freeze that extra breastmilk for future use in a breastmilk storage bags. The milk is good for between 6 months to a year. If you travel for work or would like your partner to be able to give the baby a bottle, you can use these frozen milk to do so!

A good nursing pillow

This is a lifesaver, especially when your baby is tiny and you’re still figuring out how to hold them comfortably while feeding. A nursing pillow can help to support your baby’s head and neck, and it can also take some of the strain off your arms and shoulders. Right now I’m using the DockATot La Maman Wedge Nursing Pillow. It comes in tons of beautiful colors and prints, and is stylish enough to be used as an accent pillow.


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Nipple cream

Sore nipples are a common occurrence, especially when you’re first starting out. The first two weeks are the most intense and nipple cream can help to soothe and protect your nipples.  As I sit here breastfeeding my third newborn with a strong latch, I am so glad I had my nipple cream ready to go when I arrived home from the hospital. Look for a cream that is lanolin-based or made with other natural ingredients.

Now for the tell-it-like-it-is part:

  • Breastfeeding is a marathon, not a sprint. It takes time and practice to get the hang of it. Don’t get discouraged if it’s not perfect at first.
  • There is no one-size-fits-all approach to breastfeeding. What works for one mom may not work for another. Experiment with different positions and techniques to find what works best for you and your baby.
  • It’s okay to ask for help. If you’re struggling with breastfeeding, don’t be afraid to ask for help from a lactation consultant, your doctor, or another experienced breastfeeding mom.
  • Breastfeeding is messy. There will be leaks, spit-up, and diaper explosions. Just roll with it.

Most importantly, enjoy this special time with your baby. Breastfeeding is a unique and bonding experience that you’ll both cherish for years to come.

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