Easy Guava Lemonade Margarita Recipe

Easy Guava Lemonade Margarita Recipe

How to make an easy Guava Lemonade Margarita with only 3 ingredients thanks to the deliciousness of Natalie’s Juice!

Easy Guava Lemonade Margarita Recipe:

Start with 2oz of Natalie’s Guava Lemonade

.5 oz of Natalie’s Lime Juice

and an ounce and a half of tequila

Shake it up, pour over ice, sip and enjoy.

It’s that easy because of the JUICE! Natalie’s Juices are honestly sourced, squeezed fresh and women-owned and family operated. For my fellow Californians, you can find them at Bristol Farms and Sprouts.

Thank you Natalie’s Juice for sending me this fabulous box of goodies with an incredible sampling of their limited edition and award winning Guava Lemonade, sublime 3 ingredient  Margarita Mix and other boozy goodies to craft holiday worthy cocktails. And how cute are these Duvin orange print swim shorts and special Natalie’s print top? I’m also loving this jalapeno Tanteo Tequila and A Bar Above cocktail set.

I hope you all have a wonderful fourth of July holiday!!

XOXO – Stuart


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