Special Ways To Remember A Departed Loved One

Special Ways To Remember A Departed Loved One

Is there anything worse than losing a loved one? The hole their death can leave in our lives can be a huge one, and for a while, it can be very difficult for us to cope with their loss. 


But deal with their loss we must, as life has to move on for us, as glib as that might sound. However, that doesn’t mean we should forget the people who are no longer with us. We can keep them alive in our heart and in our memories, and by doing so, we might start to heal from the pain that we have experienced. 


Here are some of the ways in which you might be able to remember your departed loved ones. While there will be an element of sadness as you think about them, there will hopefully be a sense of gladness and joy as you consider the role they played in your life too. 


#1:  Include a quote on their headstones


Granite or bronze headstones are a traditional way to mark the final resting place of a departed loved one. It’s customary to include their name and the date of their passing, but it might be that there is room for more than the usual engravings. If there is space on the headstone you choose, include an inspirational quote that was spoken by the person you have lost. This way, you will be able to remember the context of the quote and the way they said it when you visit their graveside, and a smile might brighten your face as you remember them. 


#2: Celebrate their birthday


The birthday of your loved one can be difficult, as it might reinforce the fact that they are no longer with you. But while there will be cause for tears, you could also celebrate the birthday, as you might be filled with more happy thoughts than sad ones. So, you might get together with the people who knew your loved one well, and together, talk about your favorite memories of them. You could also watch their favorite movie, cook their favorite dishes, and listen to the music that they enjoyed. At the end of the celebration, you could raise a glass to them, and send them a message. The celebration will be bittersweet, but it can be a good way to bring together those people who might otherwise struggle with their memories alone. 


#3: Carry on their legacy


Did your loved one have a passion for giving back to the world? They may have given to a charity, for example, or they may have volunteered their time to support a good cause. As you remember your loved one, consider the ways they may have given back, and carry on their legacy. You could donate some of the inheritance money you received to the cause they supported, or you could volunteer your own time as well. By doing these things you will remember the goodness that your loved one showed, and in your own way, you will be able to take the baton of your loved one and continue their good works. 


#4: Create a collage


If you have a flair for art, collage therapy is an effective way to heal from the loss of your loved one. It’s also a way to remember the person, as you can use photos, drawings, and things written by them, and put them all together to make your collage. You could then put the collage up on one of your walls and reflect on your loved one from time to time as you gaze at your artwork. The wonderful times you had with them should come flooding back, and while sad, you might also experience thoughts of happiness. What you include on the collage is up to up to you, but if you can find items from every stage of their life, you will be able to create something that is reflective of their entire life journey.


#5: Plant a tree


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You can’t bring your loved one back, but that doesn’t mean their ashes can’t be used to start a new life. By using a bio-urn, you can place your loved one ashes within, along with a tree-growing seed, and then watch as something new is born. It’s an unusual idea, but it has brought happiness to many, and it offers a unique way to remember somebody. The tree might make your thoughts and prayers all the more powerful when you sit beneath it, as you will have something physical to connect to when you’re thinking of them.


#6: Keep a journal


A journal can be many things. It can be a series of letters that you write to your loved one as you relay what is happening in your life to them. It can also be a place for you to write down your memories as you think about their life. And you could also use it to write poetry that connects to your memories, or a place to draw pictures that can be drawn from your thoughts. No matter how you use it, the purpose will be the same. You will have a place to come to when you want to express your feelings and thoughts, and you will have something to look back on when you simply want to sit and reflect about your loved one. 


#7: Keep an heirloom close by


Family heirlooms are often stored away or sold at auctions, but to keep memories alive, you  might want to keep some of these heirlooms close by instead. Furniture pieces that are old and worn could be upcycled and kept in your home, and such items as watches and jewelrey could be worn by you.  You will always have reason to remember your loved one this way, with somrthing to look at that will remind you of the the home they loved in and the person they were. 


These are just a few of the ways to remember your departed loved one, so we hope they were helpful to you. There are sure to be more ideas online, so have a look, and follow any ideas that may mean something special to you. 

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