How To Be Prepared For The Unexpected

How To Be Prepared For The Unexpected

When life gets in the way of…well, life, it’s always good to be prepared. Preparation comes in many forms each day. You manage your daily activities and responsibilities. You shop for necessities. But, sometimes, you need to look at the potential for life’s “what-ifs” to occur and prepare for them, as well.


Emergency Preparation

As you all have seen in recent history, natural disasters do occur. The news cycle has shown families left without any belongings or immediate resources. A little knowledge and foresight will prove invaluable in potentially disastrous situations. Utilizing a knowledge source such as Prepared Bee will help immeasurably in planning food supply items and amounts. The site offers shopping guidance on preparedness products such as first aid kits. It can be frustrating and overwhelming to vet all of the options on the market. Save yourself some time and let the experts do it for you. They have lots of advice and educational information on survival and camping techniques, as well.


Copy Important Papers

Make copies of all of your important items to include credit cards, driver’s license, military identification, and passports. Be sure to copy both sides and store them in a safe. It’s useful to have the phone numbers that are listed on the back of your credit cards entered into the contacts app on your phone. While you can certainly look up the company’s phone number quickly, it’s easier to have the information readily available in a stressful moment. Store the rest of your important papers such as birth and marriage certificates, home deeds, Social Security cards, and car titles in your safe, as well.


Prepare Your Mind

Many people may not think of this as an act of preparation; however, if a major life stressor comes your way, you need to handle it. This is especially true if you are the leader or adult in the situation and others count on you for guidance. A leader or parent doesn’t need to know everything to solve every problem. What an individual in charge needs to do is exude confidence and calm. You might need to do this while silently chanting an inner mantra such as, “I can do this. I can do this” over and over. Having a mantra that you say to yourself while breathing in and out will have a calming effect so you can take care of whatever is required of you.


Here’s a quick explainer on how to start a mantra.



Stock Prescriptions

Do you wear glasses, contacts, or take prescription medicine? If you’re reliant on any type of medically-related devices, consult with your provider and insurance company to see if you can get an extra month’s supply to keep on hand in case of an emergency. Always discuss your intentions and options with your trusted providers first. Rotate these items out of your emergency preparations storage or kit before the expiration dates and put fresh ones in their place. Place reminders on your phone’s calendar for future dates so that you won’t forget this important task.


don't panic


As the adage goes, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Being prepared really pays off in the end. Seek out expert guidance to help you stay safe and prepare. Why get caught off guard when you can take some time and plan for life’s inevitabilities?

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