Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling Shine in La La Land

Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling Shine in La La Land

I’m a sucker for a good musical!  Make it a brand new movie musical starring Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling and I’m hooked! If you do one thing this weekend please make it to the movie theater to see Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling shine in La La Land! This ambitious film is written and directed by the incredible Damien Chazelle, who you should know from his critically acclaimed film Whiplash.

La La Land is a Technicolor dream that will have you floating out of the theater.Click To Tweet I had a smile on my face for days after seeing this film!

To get more in depth I’ve made a video review of La La Land for you, because clearly I had a lot to say:

Living in Los Angeles I was absolutely blown away by the opening dance sequence featuring hundreds of dancers on a shut down freeway. And the chemistry between Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone is undeniable. Oh that song and dance number filmed near Griffith Park is everything! I also appreciate that Damien Chazelle did not force a happy ending. It is a story of love, struggle, success and much more true to real life.  My fashionistas will also be in heaven because the costume design by Mary Zophres is retro and yet so current.  The wardrobe in La La Land gives the film a modern yet old Hollywood musical feel.

Do you plan on seeing La La Land this weekend? Please tweet me your instant reactions! I can’t wait to see them! Feel free to use as many emojis as necessary.  And be sure to watch Emma Stone host SNL this Saturday.  Hopefully she will be singing and dancing some more! XOXO – Stuart


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  1. Emma Stone is seriously the best. Her plus musical equals the perfect combination ❤️ Don’t even get me started on ryan…

  2. Hi again. This is Carlos Escamilla here again. The performers did a fantastic job for their performances. The tempo, shifts, alongside with movement definitely supported their acting craft (as part of their rehearsal, and final performances in all scenes of that Movie)! 😀

  3. This movie had all the magic any musical, comedy, romance, or dramatic movie lover could want. There’s something for everyone with a color palette to die for.

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