Stuart Brazell is Named a South Carolina Celeb to Watch!

Stuart Brazell is Named a South Carolina Celeb to Watch!

Here is the wonderful feature from The State Newspaper:

Stuart Brazell grew up in Columbia and got noticed as a dancer with the Columbia City Ballet.

Now, as a go-to entertainment correspondent online and part-time actress and model, Brazell might be getting some big-time notice with a new video she and her friends made for a website they run called “Dirty and Thirty.”

Brazell and her pals slyly make fun of Taylor Swift’s new song, “Blank Space” with their own music video called “Plank Space.” The video shows endless workouts and eat cheats, in a lament on the extremes some women must undergo to keep their figure during the holiday season.

The video has gotten 25,000 page views since its debut four days ago.

At 13 Brazell was a member of the Columbia City Ballet. She transferred from Heathwood Hall to Richland Northeast High School to participate in an accelerated part-time program, which allowed her to dance full-time.

She is the daughter of Carl Brazell, a former USC football player.

Out in Hollywood, Brazell has been a frequent red carpet reporter for web outlets during awards season, and is interviewed on cable as one of the town’s best reality experts.

Find more of the Dirty and Thirty TV’s video by clicking here.


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