How To Survive Coachella


For all you crazy gals heading to Coachella this weekend and especially the first timers, here are my tips on how to survive the festivities and hopefully come back in one piece!  So yeah, that means with your cell phone, ID, credit card and no major injuries.

The most important piece of advice I can share is to wear comfortable shoes that are closed toed.  Yes ladies, I know you wanna bust out your most recent purchase of perfectly hippie chic sandals… but don’t!  Not only will you get stepped on and ruin your spring pedi, but the bathrooms and ‘grounds’ in general are disgusting.  Plus you are going to be walking A LOT and clocking some serious miles.   So save yourself the foot fungus and throw on some kicks.

No. 2 is to dress for the weather, so that means extreme heat and cold.  Easy solution = layers.  I suggest working a neon bralette and crocheted or open weave top with some killer shorts or a mini.  Later you can throw on some leg warmers, cute tank + sweater and still look styling.  If you want to unleash your inner gypsy then check out Haute Betts.    I’m obsessed with the stackable bracelets and headpieces.  And as far as fashion ANYTHING GOES!  If you have something that’s been sitting in your closet that you think is too crazy to wear, well this is the occasion.  No joke, now’s the time to reveal that light up Minnie Mouse thrift store costume purchase you made while day drinking … do it! I personally love to bust out my sparkle fishnets and every single piece of neon clothing and accessories I own.

Stuart Brazell neon

Bring on the hand sanitizer and sunscreen!  I highly suggesting wearing a cross strap bag and making sure you have the essentials: hand sanitizer, sunscreen, wet ones, kleenex (the bathrooms run out of toilet paper), oil blotting papers, chewing gum and lip gloss.  I cannot emphasize enough how dirty and muddy everything is.  Hand sanitizer is a life saver.  I’m so nuts I even bring old grocery plastic bags for when I want to pop a squat on the ground.

You don’t have to catch every act on every stage, so please monitor yourself and prioritize who you want to see.  The days are super long and it is important to plan accordingly.   Unless your favorite artist is playing first thing, I suggest arriving more mid to late afternoon.  This will help you last and ensure you’re still having fun!  By day 3 of nonstop partying you’re gonna feels all kinds of crappy – like spring break crappy.  So do yourself a favor and drink tons of water throughout the long weekend to stay hydrated.  This will also help you recover and get through the work week.  Hey let’s be honest, we’re not 21 anymore :)

Bring cash.  A lot of it.  Everything is expensive = enough said.

Finally, have a freaking blast!!!  Coachella is AMAZING!!!  Be open to new music and making new friends.  Please don’t spend your entire weekend on your cell phone texting back and forth to try to meet up with people you already know.  It gets stressful and anyhow the signal sucks.  And if you can check out the parties!  There are some crazy shin digs going down starting Friday, so if you’re connected like me then you’re probably already on the list.  This is your own personal adventure so keep an open mind, go with the flow and remember to be safe!

Good luck, have fun and don’t forget to tweet me pictures!


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