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9 Responses to First Mother’s Day Gifts

  1. Awesome list!!! I will take one of each!!! Lol just kidding!! Really these items look very useful and fun!! My daughter just got asked to prom with a Naked 3 eyeshadow palette from UD!!! She loves the colors and that it stays on all day!! The weekender bag is so cute. Looks like you can hide a bunch of stuff and still be stylish!!! Thanks for sharing!! 😊

  2. That suitcase is genius! I’ve never seen one that actually looks cute when it’s not being wheeled around like that. Great find!

    Mother’s Day is awesome. In ways, it’s even better than your birthday because the kid’s all make you cute things in class and at preschool where during your birthday…. their teachers are never expected to notice and celebrate it!

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