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  1. So loved seeing Sandra Bullock and no need to turn it down to 38 as far as I’m concerned, she’s like fine wine!
    Who floored me, and always does is Helen Mirren! She is like Champagne compared to fine wine! She is radiant and as sexy as she was when she was in younger times!
    Diverse group of winners. Tried to send a positive message to their audience, thanking them for going. They maybe listening to most average American’s.
    If I may put my personal feelings, they need to clean up Hollywood. Stop the lurid literature, video games, movies, suggestive commercials. “Our Children ARE WATCHING!”
    I love your choices Stuart!!
    Hope you don’t mind me commenting?

  2. Emily Blunt definitely redeemed herself from the main event in this Alexander McQueen figure hugging leafy-embroidered gown. Considering the busy pattern is attention-grabbing enough, I”m glad she kept her hair and makeup simple with just some dangling earrings as the dress speaks of itself. This dress also reminds me of her “The Girl On The Train” London premiere gown, just this one is the chocolate brown version of that colorful offering. Anyway Emily always looks great in McQueen dresses, well done Emily!! Nothing BLUNT here indeed!!

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