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    • I wanted to join but I don’t want to share my contact list. Even when I
      Say that I’ll add myself it takes my contacts from phone. There is no separate button to go directly and join ! I don’t want my contacts on the page and prefer to add which ones I want.

  1. Believing it to be what they advertise, the “be yourself” place, I established a few Groups for Naturism, where the terms for being in the groups included NOT sharing imagery which could be classified as “porn”. Court after court has ruled that non-sexual nudity is just a lifestyle, and is never held to be “porn”. My groups grew to over 400 members in just one week.
    There were four people who posted images that violated Group policy: two posted “dick pics”, and two started chatting about “hooking up”. All four were removed from the Groups, as were their posts.
    Evidently, one of them “reported” the Group. But instead of Mewe contacting me about anything, they just completely deleted the Group, AS WELL AS MY PERSONAL ACCOUNT! No notice, no warning, no explanation. I violated NONE of the terms of service for MeWe, nevertheless was effectively thrown off their site. Even after submitting a Help Ticket, and making feedback which was acknowledged by someone stating they would get back to me, NOTHING came of either of these contacts.
    As someone mentioned above, porn abounds on MeWe, as does all manner of sexual conduct.
    If you’re trying to establish a legitimate Group, look elsewhere. Although my time lost was less than two weeks, you could nevertheless find yourself spending long periods of time establishing a Group, only to have it deleted instantly, as well as your own acccount, without ever knowing if you did something wrong, and if so, just what it was.

    MeWe is more draconian than Facebook, and FB at least sends you a warning or otherwise tells you how you violated their terms. MeWe is absolutely USELESS for social media, and they won’t last long with their infantile account-deletion policy.

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